Dance Studio Letter Sample!

The bread and butter for many dance studios is in attracting children as students because parents want their children to stay active, creative, and provide them with an hour to go shopping! Hey we all need a breather now and then.

You can rely upon word of mouth advertising through families networking with each other, which can take time and grow on it’s own naturally. Or you can take things into your own hands and grow your dance studio business faster by sending a dance studio sales letter to parents of children who many be interested in dance.

  • First get your mailing list.
  • Send a letter to the list of parents.

Dance Studio Sales Letter.

Dear Parents,

Ballet has been one of the most beautiful and graceful dance forms for over 600 years! Throughout history, audiences and dancers alike have responded to its timeless appeal. (Name of Studio) offers both children and adults the opportunity to enjoy its wonderful benefits.

Ballet not only increases flexibility, improves posture and is a great workout, but it also helps develop self-confidence, concentration and a greater sense of the mind-body connection.

Conveniently located not far from your home, (Name of Studio) is currently accepting new students in all of our classes. Children and teen classes require advanced registration, but toddlers and adults are welcome to enjoy our drop in classes!

In addition to ballet, we also offer dance forms, such as contemporary dance, jazz, and hip-hop. Our studio is spacious, bright, and professionally designed. We also have a two-way mirror for class observation.

There are classes and workshops for all ages – starting with toddlers! Our environment is warm, welcoming and supportive. In fact, our younger students have so much fun that they don’t even realize they are building a foundation for a lifetime of movement.

Even if you or your child has never experienced the magic of dance training, now may be the time to start! Our training is based on achieving your or your child’s personal best. Although some of our dancers go on to become professionals, many of them are with us for the simple joy of movement.

Please call (phone #) for more information or stop by our studio to observe a class. We are always happy to see new faces! Our address is (address). As you enter our studio, just stop by the registration desk to sign in.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


(Contact Information)

Dance Studio Marketing Tips!

  • Don’t send one letter and hope that it will drive a lot of new business your way. You have to send multiple letters and postcards over time. I also highly recommend sending a newsletter to your current clients and potential clients (this works really well if you do it right).
  • Include a promotional item with your letter. You can include a refrigerator magnet, pen, etc. so that your dance studio is on their mind several times and month and they know how to get a hold of you after they throw your letter away.
  • Use effective social media marketing strategies to organically grow your student base.
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