Computer Repair Sales Letter!

A few years ago I did a search for a computer repair business in my area because my computer crashed. I didn’t want to go through Best Buy’s Computer Geek Squad because I don’t like their customer service, so I thought I’d give a local business a try.

I did find one and they fixed my problem. I needed them a gain a few years later and they were out of business.

I thought it was a shame because I know there are many ways a small computer repair company can compete with the big companies like Geek Squad. Sadly I find that small business owners and employees don’t understand the concept of marketing and lead generation.

Many of them believe that if they work hard and do a good job the business will snowball over time and they will thrive. But that is not the case.

You can’t wait for people to come to you. You have to get your marketing message in front of the right people who need your help now or potentially in the future.

A sales letter is one of many ways to accomplish this.

Computer Repair or IT Sales Letter Sample!

Dear (Name),

With information technology advancing at lightning speed and with our increased dependency on computing devices, there is never a good time for equipment malfunction, data loss, or security breaches.

But with a trusted expert a phone call away, you’ll never have to worry about finding fast and affordable IT solutions!

My name is (Name), Owner of (Name of Business). My technical team and I have (?) years of accumulated professional experience in virus and malware removal, system crash restoration, network installation and repair, Wi-Fi networks, laptop repair and MAC/PC repair. We also ‘tune up’ slow computers, provide upgrades, and sell new computers, laptops, printers and parts.

I am writing to you to let you know that we are currently providing IT solutions to individuals and businesses in the (location) area and would like to introduce you to our wide range of services.

If you have a specific technology need – whether it is related to a single computer or an entire network – we will first conduct a diagnostic evaluation so that we can recommend an affordable solution.

And just as importantly, we will offer measures to prevent future system failures. This includes an ongoing maintenance schedule with regular tune-ups and automatic backups.

At your request, we will also upgrade your current system to one with a higher capacity for increased protection, speed and memory or recommend a new computer that better fits your needs.

Our goal is to have you connected to the power of technology 24 hours a day!

If you are interested in taking advantage of our technology solutions, please call me at (phone #) or email me at (email address). I look forward to hearing from you and hope that we can schedule a convenient time to discuss your IT needs and how we can fulfill them!


You can model this letter and change the services to fit a small mom and pop computer repair business, or you can model it for a larger IT maintenance and repair company.

Need a letter for your business? Contact me for help.

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