brian maroevichAmazing Prospecting Letters is a website that was created by me, Brian Maroevich, to help business owners and sales professionals understand how to craft effective marketing letters tor better (and easier) prospecting and lead generation.

I have been marketing online and offline for almost 15 years. Along with my wife we also own two brick and mortar businesses.

In other words I am actively marketing and spending thousands of my own hard earned dollars on marketing techniques to help us maintain a quality standard of life. And effective marketing and prospecting is the key to all of it. Without good marketing you are not going to get in front of the decision makers, generate qualified leads, or get retail customers in the door.

Amazing Prospecting Letters is going to be a tool that will educate and direct you in the right direction. So be sure to get on my list or subscribe to my feed because I am adding new examples and case studies weekly.

Up until recently you had to buy Amazing Prospecting Letters in ebook format to have access to it. Now it’s all on this site. It’s still for sale if you want to get everything in one easy to access area so let me know if you want it. Otherwise dig through this site for killer marketing letter and prospecting nuggets that will blow your mind. Ok, maybe you won’t blow your mind but you’ll find some impress stuff here, for sure.

Read more about me on my Amazon Authors Page.

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