Sales Letter Examples and A Case Study!


In this article I am going to reveal some sales letter examples in a case study format. Mostly you are just interested in seeing the letters but it would benefit you do know the back story to these letters. Years ago, one of my customers, Tom Roberson, actually followed the directions I laid out for […]

Contactor Marketing Letter Sample

Below is a good, basic introductory contractor marketing letter that you can model. I suggest you use this as a first step on your sequence, and mail at least one or two more letters, or postcards. Sequencing a series of letters that draws attention to each previous letter – using grabbers – is a proven […]

Chiropractor Reactivation Letter

When marketing your Chiropractic business you know that frequent contact with your current clients and past clients or prospective clients is essential to building a long term relationship. As a result you build a significant lifetime value of a client, and you also receive more referrals. There are many techniques that you can deploy that […]

Web Designer Sales Letter

In a moment I am going to show you a web designer sales letter. But first, if you are a local internet marketer looking for local small business clients, there are a plethora of webmaster marketing strategies you can implement including: Pay Per Click Local SEO Video Social Media And my favorite method: Direct Mail. […]

Plumbing Contractor Marketing Letter

If you want to see a professional plumbing contractor letter that will help you get more plumbing clients and contracts, this letter is a good start in the right direction. This marketing letter needs a little work. It will need a little lipstick: Your picture: A trusting pictures can dramatically boos response rates. It doesn’t […]