Sales Letter Examples and A Case Study!


In this article I am going to reveal some sales letter examples in a case study format. Mostly you are just interested in seeing the letters but it would benefit you do know the back story to these letters.

Years ago, one of my customers, Tom Roberson, actually followed the directions I laid out for him in terms of targeting small business owners in his local area, and he got at least a 20% appointment ratio with  after one follow up call (I say, ‘he actually followed my directions’ because getting clients and customers to actually follow directions is a massive challenge, which is why I rarely take clients on anymore). Some of them even called him first!

Although he was selling group legal expense plans, who cares! Any sales letter that
works can easily be adapted to fit into what you want to sell.

This is the Ultimate Example of how to write a series of sales letters to get maximum results. The sales letters I wrote used “grabbers”, headlines, and a combination of a headline with grabbers. Plus, the copy really focuses on the benefits without revealing too much.

direct mail letter

It took many hours to write these sales letter examples. I agonized over the copy. And when I finally finished I came to the conclusion that when it was all said and done, I would charge a client at least $10,000 plus royalties to write them. But, now you can model them for your business, or use them as an exercise in writing ad copy.

This sales letter example is not just one letter for you to read and wonder about. I am very much opposed to sending one letter because if you think about the psychology of marketing, getting someone who doesn’t know you from Adam to do business with you from one measly letter letter is a huge waste of time and money (and is also the number one reason most people say, ‘Direct Mail Doesn’t Work’).

In this case study I used a sequence of not one, not two, and not three, but a sequence of FOUR letters! That’s how you do folks.

I digress…

So I used, once again, Million Dollar Bills on the first letter this time (in some of the sales letter examples on this site I use the Million Dollar ‘Grabber’ on the third letter in the sequence).

Side Bar: Keep in mind I used 5-7 Million Dollar Bills attached with jumbo golden plated paperclip, which looks awesome! Continue reading

Job Prospecting Letter Sample!

Looking for a job that you want requires several prospecting techniques. One of these techniques includes a job prospecting letter.

One reason you need a letter is because you want to warm your target hiring manager or business owner up prior to cold calling them.

You might be thinking, ‘Why should I send a letter when I can simply go to a job site and submit my resume?’ The reason is because you might want to work somewhere that is not posting jobs online at the moment and in order to get a better shot at getting a job at this company you need to stay top of mind when they are looking for someone with your skills.

In this case you would send a letter. But you won’t send a job prospecting letter just once. You need to send a letter every two weeks or every month in order to keep in front of them.  Continue reading

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Lost Customer Letter Sample!

One of our most lucrative mini marketing systems in the retail sector (and which can be used in any industry or sector), is the lost customer letter.

The way we found and retained customers who had not done business with us for a while was to search our data base for customers who had not purchased anything from us in 6 months or more, and then mailed them a sequence of letters and postcards.

The secret to the success of our system was that we sent a series of three letters and postcards, and each one had an offer and a deadline date. The deadline date remained  the same and we noted the approaching deadline in each letter or postcard.

The other secret was to use an attention grabbing headline and photo with creative ad copy to be sure it had the best chance of being read by the recipient.

Below is a sample lost customer letter that you can use as a model for your first letter. This is not the one we used. It’s very generic and could use a little bit of personality perhaps, and of course a headline and a photo.

But it just may work as is, but you absolutely must use the sequence strategy, especially if you are going to keep it generic like this lost customer letter: Continue reading

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IT Sales Letter Template!

What is a good IT sales letter? If you ask IT professionals what they would like to see in a sales letter it would probably be something in the order or, “It should convey who we are and what we have to offer other businesses in a professional non-pushy manner”.

Nobody wants to look like a pushy salesperson, and you certainly don’t want to ruin your reputation. So what you have to do is write an IT sales letter that hits the hot buttons or your prospective client.

Ask yourself who your target audience is? Who is actually going to get the letter and read it. You don’t want an assistant to read it because they might just throw it away. You want your decision maker to get the letter, open it, read it and respond.

So before you even mail your letter you have to make sure you have the correct address and name of the person you want to mail it to. Oh, and maybe you shouldn’t mail it. Read this important report before you do anything.

After you accomplish all the dirty work of getting your list together and deciding upon the delivery method and how your will follow up, and how often, here is a sample IT sales letter example you can model for your IT business (it needs a little work but it should give you a foundation upon which you can improve it): Continue reading

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Referral Marketing Techinque!

Lets say you are trying to get referrals from another professional who sells related products and services in your market. For example, insurance agents and financial planners would love to get referrals from CPA’s and attorneys.

Or, Telecommunications equipment providers would love to get referrals from computer consultants, telecommunications consultants, or computer system providers (Mainframe computers, IT etc.).

Whatever the industry, there are other professionals who have the ability to send you referrals. Continue reading

How To Mail Your Sales Letters!

The best way to mail your sales letters is as follows:

Send them 7-10 days apart and follow up on the phone (to businesses) after the million dollar bill letters is sent, or whatever grabber you choose as your final letter.

You will make a bigger impact if you send the final grabber letter by priority mail or fed ex.

The way I mail sales letters

  • If I were just starting out I would send just 20-100 letters per week. I would send a series of three letters, and then follow up. I would send the letters 7-10 days apart and send the last one priority mail, fed ex, or dhl. Your costs will be high but if you do a good job on your letters and follow up, one new client could pay for it all and more.
  • Test small at first. Maybe do 10-20 if you use the more expensive approach. Test calling or showing up in person. Getting a hold of local business owners is a challenge. I know because we own to spa’s. We get calls, emails, and letters every single day. And it’s annoying.

A Better Idea?

Another idea is to mix up your sequence and include email in it which is easy and free.

I have a program we are marketing to local business owners. We walked door to door (my wife did), and also did cold emails. We did get a decent response to the email! But it took weeks in some cases to actually connect with some business owners, so you have to be persistent with your marketing and follow up. One sequence will not do the trick.

The way I will do it next time is follow up with a personalized video with you on it using the business owners name as you speak about the benefits of your program. A guy did this to get me interested in his program right at the time I was wondering about whether it was a good lead generation technique. But of course you have to take into consideration your margins and time. So if you are going to net quite a bit from one client then it is probably something to explore.

So here is how I will send my letters and emails:

  • Send Letter 1
  • Send Letter 2 (7 – 10 days later)
  • Email – Video 1 (7 – 10 days later)
  • Phone call or walk in as described in my letter to the prospect.

If they do not convert or I can’t get a hold of them I will…

  • Send Letter 3 with promotional item (pen, magnet, something unique).
  • Send a postcard 2 weeks later.
  • Send an Email – Custom Video 2

If they do not convert I will mail a monthly newsletter that has success stories, tips, and ideas.

If you are on a budget and cannot afford direct mail then send a custom video sequence. Send two or three videos and then follow up on the phone or walk into the business.

Getting Interest

The best way to get a business owners INTERESTED is too keep your unique sales proposition simple and easy to understand.

For example, ask yourself the following questions: What is it? and How Will It Benefit Me now? How Much Is It? Is It Proven?


How To Mail Your Sales Letters (Just Direct Mail) In 4 Simple Steps:

The following steps should be followed to the “T”. Don’t change anything or make assumptions you are not sure about.

  • Write two letters prior to sending the letter on the next page. The first letter should be an introduction letter. The second letter should be a harder hitting sales letter that is close to the language in the last letter (on the following page). OK, you don’t have to write two letters, but if you want maximum results it’s highly recommended.
  • Use a high grade of paper (watermark is great).
  • Send your letters in a regular white envelope.
  • Don’t put your business name or logo on the return address; use your name and address, or just your address.
  • Don’t use address labels. Hand address your envelopes or use laser printed addresses directly onto the envelope.
  • Use a first class postage stamp.

Follow up with a call and reference the million dollar bill first (or use some other type of “grabber” like coins, foreign currency, a magnifying glass, a dollar bill, etc.). Then reference your service, then set tons of appointments or make gobs of sales!

Note: If you are using a ‘money-saving approach’ where your unique sales proposition is that you will save your prospect X%, do not expect a big response. This is basically product marketing – like selling life insurance or car insurance…

Product marketing is very difficult because you are perceived as marketing a commodity, which in turn lowers response and may create lower quality leads. Also, I can’t guarantee this will work for you because frankly, I don’t know how enthusiastic you are about your career, how hard you work, and if you follow directions well.

Contactor Marketing Letter Sample

Below is a good, basic introductory contractor marketing letter that you can model. I suggest you use this as a first step on your sequence, and mail at least one or two more letters, or postcards. Sequencing a series of letters that draws attention to each previous letter – using grabbers – is a proven way to boost response.

After all, one new client will more than pay for a three sequenced mailing to 5 or 10 thousand people. If you use this lifetime value of your client as a factor in your business you’ll find that market consistently is going to be one of your most profitable endeavors.

Side Bar: Send letters and thank you notes to all of your current clients NOW, because you’ll impress them and get new business and referrals as a result. I know dozens of contractors and none of them do this. But when the handful of contractors I asked to do this, they started getting more business than they could handle. But of course, they were able to grow their businesses and focus more on the fun marketing stuff: direct mail, newsletters, internet, social media, etc. Continue reading

Chiropractor Reactivation Letter

When marketing your Chiropractic business you know that frequent contact with your current clients and past clients or prospective clients is essential to building a long term relationship. As a result you build a significant lifetime value of a client, and you also receive more referrals.

There are many techniques that you can deploy that ‘touch’ each client or prospect in a meaningful way (keyword: meaningful). You should news newsletters, emails, letters, and postcards. One of my favorite techniques is a Thank You marketing system which sets your relationship with your clients on very good footing.

Another technique that we use with exceptional success is a Chiropractor reactivation letter, or otherwise known as a lost customer letter or a ‘we miss you’ letter. The thank you marketing system and the lost customer (reactivation letter) alone will help you grow your business faster than you would had you not deployed them consistently. Significant growth is not out of the question either.

With that said, here is a sample reactivation letter for a chiropractor:

Dear (Name),

We all lead busy lives. We are a driven society living in a complex environment that places strains on our minds and bodies every day. We often measure success by how much we accomplish in a day. In doing so, we also tend to neglect our bodies. We forget that our bodies are working for us 24 hours a day to keep us functioning at our peak capabilities.

Our records show that you have recently received care at (Name of practice) and that you were receiving monthly treatments. We have not seen you for a while and are concerned. We have found that some of our clients stop coming because they are feeling better. Unfortunately, this interruption could lead to a serious relapse of the condition that brought them to us. Others may not realize that chiropractic maintenance has been proven to be a valuable approach to maintaining allover health.

Sometimes our spines are not in alignment and need adjustment; we may be suffering from neck or back pain; we may be suffering from muscular discomfort; or we may have been injured. Whatever the reason, there is no reason to live with pain. As one of the 60,000 experienced chiropractors in the United State, we are dedicated to help you work toward and maintain optimal wellness.

Since your total health is important to us, please accept our offer of a free treatment and a $10 gift certificate to your local health food store as an incentive to return to our care. Our greatest satisfaction is seeing our customers experience the long term benefits of our chiropractic services. We look forward to your call.


Before using this letter as a model read this article on sales letters.

Attention: You should format you letters properly, use a headline, picture of yourself, and use a PS 🙂

Dentist Reactivation Letter

A dentist reactivation letter is one technique amongst many that a Dentist needs to use in order to compete in their local area. Dental marketing is a job that requires lots of attention, even a full time staffer to perform because there’s only so many families who need or want dental care, and an ever growing number of dental offices.

He who markets best and most often will be rewarded.

There are many ways to get new patients and referrals, but one of the easiest sources of new business is marketing to clients who stopped coming to your practice. This letter is a basic dentist reactivation letter that you can model for your marketing. It need a little touching up and maybe even better ad copy.

Sample Dentist Reactivation Letter:

Dear (Name),

Strong healthy teeth are important! They are not only instrumental in processing our food so that our bodies can be nourished, but they are also essential to a great smile. Smiles!

No matter what your age is, smiles light up your surroundings. They signal our pleasure; they are an invitation to conversations; they sweeten relationships.

Sometimes we are so busy, that we forget to take care of our teeth. Teeth that are not healthy can lead to other health problems and, if you begin to hide that smile, they can affect your self-esteem.

Just as importantly, neglected teeth can be costly when problems do occur.

At (Name of dental practice) we feel that prevention is the key ingredient to healthy teeth. Practicing dental hygiene at home and going to routine dental check-ups can bring life-long dental health.

We have noticed that you have not maintained your regularly scheduled dental check-ups. These are complex times that have many demands on our time, and when things are going well, we understand that sometimes our clients postpone routine dental care.

As an incentive to bring you back to us, we are offering a free dental check-up and teeth whitening. It will be our investment in your dental health and your smile.

Your patronage is important to us, so we also welcome your feedback related to our service. Your satisfaction and your health are our ultimate goals. Give us a call! We look forward to hearing from you!



The best way to use a Dentist reactivation letter like this is to go back to your files and/or your data base and make a list if clients who stopped coming. Get as many names, addresses, and phone numbers as possible.

Send this list to a mail shop and verify it and clean it up. When they are done the list will be smaller.

Mail your Dentist reactivation letter to your list, and then follow up two or three more times with a follow up letter or postcard.

Put everyone on this list, and everyone on your current active client list and your prospect list (if you don’t’ have one you are crazy), and send a monthly newsletter.

This reactivation letter and newsletter idea alone will help you grow your practice. It may even double it in the next year. Just be sure your dentist newsletter is a quality ‘fun’ newsletter. Not a boring one. For more tips get on my mailing list (above right, or click the navigation buttons on the top).

Web Designer Sales Letter

In a moment I am going to show you a web designer sales letter. But first, if you are a local internet marketer looking for local small business clients, there are a plethora of webmaster marketing strategies you can implement including:

  • Pay Per Click
  • Local SEO
  • Video
  • Social Media
  • And my favorite method: Direct Mail.

If you are looking for a sample webmaster marketing letter this is a good starting point because it’s professional, but not too boring.

However, it’s missing a few things which I describe at the end… Continue reading