Sales Letter Examples and A Case Study!

In this article I am going to reveal some sales letter examples in a case study format. Mostly you are just interested in seeing the letters but it would benefit you do know the back story to these letters.

Years ago, one of my customers, Tom Roberson, actually followed the directions I laid out for him in terms of targeting small business owners in his local area, and he got at least a 20% appointment ratio with  after one follow up call (I say, ‘he actually followed my directions’ because getting clients and customers to actually follow directions is a massive challenge, which is why I rarely take clients on anymore). Some of them even called him first!

Although he was selling group legal expense plans, who cares! Any sales letter that
works can easily be adapted to fit into what you want to sell.

This is the Ultimate Example of how to write a series of sales letters to get maximum results. The sales letters I wrote used “grabbers”, headlines, and a combination of a headline with grabbers. Plus, the copy really focuses on the benefits without revealing too much.

direct mail letter

It took many hours to write these sales letter examples. I agonized over the copy. And when I finally finished I came to the conclusion that when it was all said and done, I would charge a client at least $10,000 plus royalties to write them. But, now you can model them for your business, or use them as an exercise in writing ad copy.

This sales letter example is not just one letter for you to read and wonder about. I am very much opposed to sending one letter because if you think about the psychology of marketing, getting someone who doesn’t know you from Adam to do business with you from one measly letter letter is a huge waste of time and money (and is also the number one reason most people say, ‘Direct Mail Doesn’t Work’).

In this case study I used a sequence of not one, not two, and not three, but a sequence of FOUR letters! That’s how you do folks.

I digress…

So I used, once again, Million Dollar Bills on the first letter this time (in some of the sales letter examples on this site I use the Million Dollar ‘Grabber’ on the third letter in the sequence).

Side Bar: Keep in mind I used 5-7 Million Dollar Bills attached with jumbo golden plated paperclip, which looks awesome! Continue reading Sales Letter Examples and A Case Study!

Find A Business For Sale Using A Simple Letter!

12 years ago my wife wanted to buy a business. She was working for a massive telecommunications company at the time and she was burned out from the constant salary cuts and long hours.

As a result, we decided to look for a business for sale that she was interested in and that she felt confident she could run. We spent a few weeks  banging our heads against the wall because we couldn’t find an established business that interested her, except for one. A music store.

But the price they were asking was ridiculous. Plus, it was losing money and it was in a very competitive market locally, and the online competition in this market is intimidating.

I decided to take things into my own hands. I have a friend who has been talking to me about his successful tanning salon franchise at the time, so I asked my wife if that business sounded like something she would like to run.

She said yes, and I immediately go to work.

How To Buy A Business Starting With A Business Lead Generation Letter!

There are many ways to buy a business. The first route that many people take is to do a search for businesses for sale online. Continue reading Find A Business For Sale Using A Simple Letter!

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Long Term Care Prospecting Letters!

The following two long term care prospecting letters are samples you can review for your lead generation efforts.

The first letter is a soft sell version that is non threatening. The second letter is a  more aggressive lead generation letter that incorporates direct response marketing techniques which are proven to boost response rates.

Letter #1:

June 13, 2017

Recipients Name
Recipients Address

Dear Name,

Insurance is an important tool for protecting yourself against risk. You may never need long-term care but 40 percent of the 13 million people receiving long-term care are between the ages of 18 and 64 – and it is very expensive. Continue reading Long Term Care Prospecting Letters!

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How To Write A Sales Letter!

There is no magic combination of words that will guarantee you’ll write a sales letter that produces a huge response. If someone tells you that they can guarantee you’ll get a flood of leads or profits with their ad copy then you should run for the hills as fast as you can because it’s nonsense.

To have the best chance of achieving a successful response rate from your sales letter you have to do more than just write ad copy well. Even the best sales letter ever written will fail miserably if it’s sent to the wrong people.

  • What do you think the response rate will be if you want to sell dog collars and you send your dog collar sales letter to a bunch of cat owners?
  • If you want to sell motorcycle insurance and most of your list is made up of people who don’t ride motorcycles you are probably not going to get a good response.
  • But, if you want to sell your real estate photography services to realestate agents and you send a well written sales letter to the top agents in your area, you may get a satisfactory or good response rate.

In other words make sure you do your research and target the correct audience. After you do this, then you can start writing your sales letter.

Write A Sales Letter That Sells!

Continue reading How To Write A Sales Letter!

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Autoresponder Letter Examples!

If you have an online presence of any sort, whether it be a content rich site, a small business, or ecommerce, you must to have an autresponder. If you don’t know what an autresponder is please read this article.

A good autoresponder will provide quality information on a regular and timed basis interspersed with a soft sell. A rule of thumb I use is for every 7 bits of quality information I will send a sales letter or link to one. Other marketers use a rule of thumb of 3 to 1. I am even seeing a 1 to 1 ratio, which is absurd in my opinion but they seem to be doing well.

Another option which I prefer, but it depends on the niche, is to combine quality information with a soft sell for lead generation.

Here Is A Sample Autoresponder Letter Sequence Using A Combination Of Quality Information and A Soft Sell!

This sequence of three autoresponder emails is using the insurance and financial services sector as an example. As with all the letters and advertising examples on, do copy the material. Model it.

Dear Name,

Here’s the first installment of your 3 part e-course in Slashing Your Tax!

Part 1: Company Benefits And Tax Breaks!

Take a good hard look at your company benefits. There could be as many as 10 or more choices to make. And by making the right choices, you could save big bucks on your tax.

Here’s a few pointers to run by your boss and the number crunchers…Proper use of deductions, medical, life and dental insurance ‘cafeteria’ options, stock purchase plans, expense reimbursements, there are literally dozens of tax breaks that employees can take advantage of, through their company benefits.

Most people choose the options that the ‘guys’ all chose, whatever gets talked about over lunch. Or they pick the benefits based on a ‘quick and dirty’ selection while watching the news before they go to bed. And the booklets with all the info get chucked into a drawer, never seeing the light of day again.

This is a big mistake. It’s amazing how much of your precious money is flushed away because most employees’ eyes glaze over at the very thought of all that choice. The booklets and the explanations are too often full of mumbo-jumbo, number-cruncher jargon that makes them sound ‘professional’, whether you get it or not.

One answer is to coordinate your benefit package with your other personal finances. If you choose options based on ‘getting it over with’, it’s like choosing the closest bottle of pills without reading the label.


P.S. If you really want to make these taxes go away (as much as possible anyway), then call me on 477 5184 and book your complementary Nest Egg Assessment and Super Nest Egg Pack worth $130.00! Go to

Autoresponder Email Letter 2:

Dear Name,

Here’s the second installment of your 3 part e-course in Slashing Your Tax!

Part 2: Home Financing

With the elimination of many tax deductions, your home may still be an excellent tax shelter. All it takes is some planning to determine what is the proper amount of mortgage to have, and then by maximizing your interest deductions, you will save considerable taxes.

For example, when you buy a new home, all the interest up to a one million dollar mortgage is deductible. When refinancing, only and additional $100,000 of equity may be used to create new tax deductions.

Let’s take a look at what would happen if you refinanced and added the interest deduction of an extra $100,000 mortgage. You would have $8,000 in new deductions (Assuming an 8% interest rate) which would save you as much as $2,480 in taxes!

Of course, don’t forget that there are many variables that need to be address before you make any financing decisions!


P.S. If you really want to make these taxes go away (as much as possible anyway), then call me on 477 5184 and book your complementary Nest Egg Assessment and Super Nest Egg Pack worth $130.00! Go to

Autoresponder Email Letter 3:

Dear Name,

Here’s the third installment of your 3 part e-course in Slashing Your Tax!

Part 3: Overpaying Withholding Taxes Is A Big Mistake!

Let’s look at an example…Kate and Aaron, being good students of tax reduction, have set themselves up to save $4,800 in taxes for this year. If they kept their withholdings at the same level, they would get a big refund next year. This ‘loan’ they would be MAKING TO the tax department is free of interest, but would cost Kate and Aaron several hundred dollars of interest that they may never see.

On the other hand, by changing their withholdings, they end up getting a $400 per month extra take home pay, NOW, which they can invest somewhere else instead of giving it to the taxman!

It’s a big misconception that you cannot increase your exemptions (on your W-, without getting the tax department all over your back. You are allowed under the law to only withhold the amount of taxes you expect to pay. Actually, as long as you end up within 90% of your final liability, you won’t even get a penalty when you pay the balance with your return!

Never ever give them money that is YOURS. Never be afraid of doing what the law allows.


P.S. If you really want to make these taxes go away (as much as possible anyway), then call me on 477 5184 and book your complementary Nest Egg Assessment and Super Nest Egg Pack worth $130.00! Go to

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Email Marketing Letters!

Email marketing letters and email lead generation is an enormous subject. There are companies that do multi day training seminars for thousands of dollars to cover the email marketing basics.

I am going to cover some of the bare bone basics and provide examples to make it even easier to understand  Sometimes that’s all you need to boost your sales in the short run.

You may find that I breeze over some areas that you don’t understand or wish you had more information to understand it more thoroughly, so you can post a comment below and I’ll do my best to respond.

The first thing you need to do is build your email list. You want to get customers, clients, and prospective customers and clients to gladly provide you with their name and email address (or all of their contact information) so you can send them offers and quality information.

How Do You Get Their Email Address? You ask for it!

You’ll get the most email addresses from two places: Continue reading Email Marketing Letters!

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Cold Call Real Estate Letters!

My wife is a real estate agent and it’s a highly competitive field. Boy does she have some stories.

There are agents in her office that have been there for over six months and still have not listed or sold one home, condo, or townhouse. But then there are agents like her had a listing and old a home in the first month and almost every month since they started.

The difference between successful and not so successful agents is in how smart you are about networking and lead generation. You have to be consistent as you farm your market and with your network. 

If you have no contacts and no network to start with, or if you need to get more leads even though you are working your tail off as you network and farm your market, another technique you can use is a cold call real estate letter sequence.

This is basically farming your market but with a letter. The key is to sequence a series of letters and keep sending something to the non responders at least once every month (preferably a newsletter…yes they work like crazy if you are consistent).

You don’t want to look like an unprofessional amateur when you meet clients. And when you send marketing material you don’t want to look or sound unprofessional either, right?

Here are two boiler plate, basic cold call real estate letters you can model. They do need small changes like a PS, formatting, and small changes to suit your personality. But I think they will provide you with a foundation to work with. Continue reading Cold Call Real Estate Letters!

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Job Prospecting Letter Sample!

Looking for a job that you want requires several prospecting techniques. One of these techniques includes a job prospecting letter.

One reason you need a letter is because you want to warm your target hiring manager or business owner up prior to cold calling them.

You might be thinking, ‘Why should I send a letter when I can simply go to a job site and submit my resume?’ The reason is because you might want to work somewhere that is not posting jobs online at the moment and in order to get a better shot at getting a job at this company you need to stay top of mind when they are looking for someone with your skills.

In this case you would send a letter. But you won’t send a job prospecting letter just once. You need to send a letter every two weeks or every month in order to keep in front of them.  Continue reading Job Prospecting Letter Sample!

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Lost Customer Letter Sample!

One of our most lucrative mini marketing systems in the retail sector (and which can be used in any industry or sector), is the lost customer letter.

The way we found and retained customers who had not done business with us for a while was to search our data base for customers who had not purchased anything from us in 6 months or more, and then mailed them a sequence of letters and postcards.

The secret to the success of our system was that we sent a series of three letters and postcards, and each one had an offer and a deadline date. The deadline date remained  the same and we noted the approaching deadline in each letter or postcard.

The other secret was to use an attention grabbing headline and photo with creative ad copy to be sure it had the best chance of being read by the recipient.

Below is a sample lost customer letter that you can use as a model for your first letter. This is not the one we used. It’s very generic and could use a little bit of personality perhaps, and of course a headline and a photo.

But it just may work as is, but you absolutely must use the sequence strategy, especially if you are going to keep it generic like this lost customer letter: Continue reading Lost Customer Letter Sample!

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IT Sales Letter Template!

What is a good IT sales letter? If you ask IT professionals what they would like to see in a sales letter it would probably be something in the order or, “It should convey who we are and what we have to offer other businesses in a professional non-pushy manner”.

Nobody wants to look like a pushy salesperson, and you certainly don’t want to ruin your reputation. So what you have to do is write an IT sales letter that hits the hot buttons or your prospective client.

Ask yourself who your target audience is? Who is actually going to get the letter and read it. You don’t want an assistant to read it because they might just throw it away. You want your decision maker to get the letter, open it, read it and respond.

So before you even mail your letter you have to make sure you have the correct address and name of the person you want to mail it to. Oh, and maybe you shouldn’t mail it. Read this important report before you do anything.

After you accomplish all the dirty work of getting your list together and deciding upon the delivery method and how your will follow up, and how often, here is a sample IT sales letter example you can model for your IT business (it needs a little work but it should give you a foundation upon which you can improve it): Continue reading IT Sales Letter Template!

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Referral Marketing Techinque!

Lets say you are trying to get referrals from another professional who sells related products and services in your market. For example, insurance agents and financial planners would love to get referrals from CPA’s and attorneys.

Or, Telecommunications equipment providers would love to get referrals from computer consultants, telecommunications consultants, or computer system providers (Mainframe computers, IT etc.).

Whatever the industry, there are other professionals who have the ability to send you referrals. Continue reading Referral Marketing Techinque!